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Covington, LA - Saturday, February 4th, 2017

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Yum Yum was formed in 2004 by Thomas Falterman M.D. (lead guitar, vocals) and Gregory Fernandez M.D. (bass guitar, lead vocals) while still in residency training in Emergency Medicine at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Thomas and Greg began to 'jam' together after shifts as a stress reliever from the intense trauma environment. Several other talented musicians have been part of the lineup at times including Sol Kua M.D., Dave Bryant M.D., Rick Romano D.D.S., and Anthony Catalanatto PA-C, Ben Knight (current drummer) member and Brent Hemelt M.D. (current guitarist, lead vocals).

Many all-nighters were spent jamming in an old warehouse (Art Egg Studios) in downtown New Orleans. Katrina wiped out the building and lead to the loss of most of the bands' equipment. The band regrouped began rebuilding after moving out of New Orleans to south Louisiana. For the past several years Yum Yum has participated in primarily charity/ fundraiser events. Various venues have included the L.J. Chabert Hospital Employee relief fundraiser in 2005 in Houma, LA, the grand opening of Charentan Beach in 2006, to Thomas and Greg playing unplugged for the Chitamacha summer camp children in Charenton, LA in 2008, to Stephen Falterman's City Marshall election banquet in Jeanerette,LA in 2008.

Perhaps the bands largest venue took place in New Orleans in May 2008 for the FATE (Female Awareness of Tobacco Effects) organization. This event took place at the Lowe's Hotel in downtown New Orleans and hosted hundreds of guests.

The band musical influences range from the southern rock sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blue Oyster Cult to the 80's and 90's rock sounds of Rick Springfield, Prince, 311, Pearl Jam, and Green Day. While 'guitar rock' embodies the sound of Yum Yum, 2 to 4 part vocal harmonies help to layer a sound that is '... greater than the sum of it's parts,' according to one music critic. Other events played by Yum Yum include the Susan G. Komen Race for a cure held annually in Thibodaux , Louisiana and Hanson Memorial High School's Tail Gator Festival. Also, annually, Yum Yum enjoys playing at Hal's Pig Party, a home grown boucherie and cajun good time in Franklin , LA.

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